Wednesday, November 23, 2016

11/23/2016 DB's Dailies: Kekoa,Kawena&Kolohe@Rabbit Island, Kaiwi@China Walls, Benny@Paradise Cove, Pohaku@Secrets, Rocky@Iroquois Pt, Ka'ena,Kerby,Ka'ale&R3CU@Ka'ena Pt, Luana@Hidden Beach, RW02@Mokuleia,

At 0825 I arrived at Makai Pier to find 3 critters on Rabbit Island. Kekoa (RK72) and Kawena (RH36) were together fronting Left Greenery, and Kolohe (RW22) was in the Morning Glory fronting 3BS.

 Gayle called at 1030 to advise that Kaiwi (RK96) was at China Walls. I got over there at 1128 I found her snoozin’ in the Naupaka.

 Team Billand called at 0544 with the report of Benny (RE74) at Paradise Cove. They would report his departure at 0600.

 Tammy T made the End of the World trek today. She reported Ka’ena (RO40), Kerby (RW08) & Ka’ale (RH32) all together on the back beach, and new guy, R3CU alone at the main pool . She reported his departure later but I forgot to write it down.

 On her way out Tammy found an animal at Hidden Beach, a 1134. Awaiting photos.

 Barbara did the KP trek also, however when she arrived she found only Kerby at KP. On her way out she found Ka’ena at the 20Min mark on the west side KP trail, at 1356.

 At 1257 Robert reported Pohaku (RO28) at Secrets.

 His next find was Rocky (RH58) at Iroquois Point at 1429.

 Lesley checked in at 1446 with the report of an over nighted RW02 once again on the Camp Erdman side of the Lyman Mansion.

 Kawena and Kekoa 
 Kerby, Ka'ena and Ka'ale
 there were 3 in the bed and the little one said.... roll over

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Any more info on R3CU/CV said he was from Kauai but do you know age and Mom, Thanks