Sunday, November 6, 2016

11/6/2016 And One More ... Holokai from Jason O'Rourke

6 unique poses of Holokai... which one is your favorite?
 the best for last !!!


Madhatter said...

Love the poses, my favorite one is the 5th one. I love when they lay on their back.

Diga said...

They're all beautiful! I think the last one because it's an unusual pose. Funny how he has been throwing sand. I think it started with his molt. It reminds me of the way turtles throw sand on themselves. Thanks for sharing. Diane

Jason said...

Yeah, he was really active... I was only there for about an hour, but he kept moving around and shifting positions. I always try to get the movement shots, but was enjoying the portraits so much, I didn't swap settings quite fast enough, and got mostly blurred shots of him galumphing around between the different spots.