Monday, November 7, 2016

11/7/2016 DB's Dailies: Kekoa&J/M@Rabbit Island, Right Spot@Sandy Beach, Kolohe@Lanai Lookout, R8HE@KoOlina, RK36@Mokuleia, KC@MCBH

Posse member Carla called at 0720 with the report of an animal at the east end of Sandy Beach. When I arrived at 0730 I confirmed the Right Spot (R016). Hotline was notified. “permanent resident” posse said she arrived at 0100. The same resident advised that she departed at 1300.

 At 0820 the same unknown, juvenile male that has been showing up in my life at Rabbit Island, hauled out again from Seal Rock Inlet.

 He would be joined at 0903 by Kekoa (RK72). When the rain front brought an end to the RI day, they were just entering the water, with the juvy male in the lead.

 At 1115 I found Kolohe (RW22) in his usual spot of late, snoozin’ at the Lanai Lookout flats.

 A 0745 text from posse member Stephanie Batzer reported an animal in Lagoon#2, KoOlina. A later photo from posse member Wendi through Dana Jones, showed R8HE in L#1.

Lesley called at 0940 to advise that RK36 was still at the Lyman Mansion. Lesley says his molt is 30%.

 An email from Lesley at 1249 included a shot from a friend of hers showing what would prove to be KC (RK28) at Pyramid Rock , MCBH. Her distinctive mobbing wound as well as numerous CC scars confirmed the ID. According to my notes she was last reported to me, newly molted on Kauai on 9-20-16.

 JM amd Kekoa
 Right Spot's new favorite spot... Sandys  
 KC on MCBH .... glad she is doing okay... 
 R8HE at KoOlina

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