Friday, November 25, 2016

11/25/2016 DB's Dailies: Kawena,RK36,Kolohe@JM@Rabbit Island, RL42,Ka'ale,RW02&Kerby@20Min, Ka'ena@Ka'ena Pt,

Another rainy, windy day made Rabbit Island observations difficult, but not impossible. At 0930 I found Kawena (RH36) & RK36 together fronting Left Greenery. 70 ft right of 3BS I found Kolohe (RW22). Despite his behavior, he has not started molting yet. At 0953 I found my J/M, Unknown. All would remain the day.

 At 0858 Barbara called with the report of RL42 at the 20 Min mark on the west side KP trail. At 0909 she would be joined by Ka’ale (RH32).

 At 0936 she reported Lei Ola (RH48) at the 25 Min mark. At Ka’ena Pt.,

Barbara reported Ka’ena high up, amongst the Naupaku, at 1125.

 On her way back Barbara reported that RW02& Kerby(RW08) had joined RL42 & Ka’ale .There was lots of interaction and for a time all 3 of the boys took off, however, Ka’ale would return to rejoin RL42.
Ka'ale and RL42
 Ka'ale... how cute is he?
 Pretty darn cute
 Kerby and Ka'ale
 RL42 and Ka'ale
 RW02, Kerby and Ka'ale
 trying to hide.... poor guy
 Little Lei Ola

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