Saturday, October 10, 2015

10/9/2015 DB's Dailies: Kea,Kainoa,Kekoa&U/M@Rabbit Island, Benny@ Sandy Beach, Pohaku@Maili Guard Rails,Rocky@Kaimana Beach&Diamond Head, RIP@Maili Point, Holokai@Turtle Bay, 10-9-15 Y/N , KC & RG58 on Kauai

On my first look at Rabbit Island at 0647 I found Kea (RN46) snoozin’ at the log, 40 ft left of 1BS . He would later move down, allowing the ID by his beautiful RFF natural bleach. At 0725 a ColleenTxt advised that Rocky (RH58)remained at Kaimana Beach, but Benny was gone. I knew at that instant that Benny was gonna’ play a role in my life today. When the Lifeguards at Sandy Beach called at 1340 reporting an animal hauled out at “Half Point” SB, there was not one moment of doubt who it would be. Sure enough when I arrived at 1350 therrrrrre was The Benny, with the adoring hordes surrounding him on the main beach at Sandys. The whole time I was putting up the cordon, I knew what his next move would be (it always is). Just as I tied off the last sign, Benny entered the water and began swimming east toward the outfall. I hurriedly picked up the stuff, and ran down there just in time to see him begin moving back to the west. He went out the channel at Half Point, and I spent the next couple of hours checking the area from Crappy Cove back to Blowhole. I did not see him again, but I’m just waiting for the call !

 When I returned to Makai Pier at 0805 I found what would be an U/M (again), 70 ft right of 1BS.

 At 0823 Kekoa (RK72) would haul out to join the U/M.

 At 1146 Kainoa (RN04) would haul out to join Kekoa & the UM. All would remain the rest of the day.

 At 0719 Team Billand reported Pohaku (RO28) at Maili Guard Rails.

 At 0725 they found RIP (RR70) at Maili Point. Sadly, the net I mentioned yesterday that was going to be picked up by DOCARE was , in fact, still there today, distressingly close to RIP’s location.

 At 1040 I heard from Tammy T., who trekked the trek to Ka’ena Point again today. I included her shots in yesterday’s dailies but apparently did not mention the fact in the text. Sorry Tammy ! Sadly after covering the entire area she was skunked today.

 At 1113 Karen Turner on the Hotline, forwarded shots of an animal at Hauula today. Unfortunately, an ID was not possible based solely on the shots.

At 1508 DanaMail advised that Holokai (RG40) had picked up a hook. Thanks to Carola for the photo documentation. NOAA personnel responded. Tracy called at 1706 to advise that the hook had been successfully removed.

 At 1548 Colleen Heyer called to advise that Rocky (RH58) had hauled out near the showers at Diamond Head. She also confirmed that Rocky’s molt has begun (D#46). I had her penciled in to start tomorrow, but ????

 Benny leaving Sandy's 
 Rocky at Diamond Head 
 UU in Hauula
 Net still there
 Pohaku at guard rail
 Rip at Maili
KC visiting Kauai

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