Saturday, October 31, 2015

10/31/2015 DB's Dailies: Kainoa&U/M@Rabbit Island, Kaiwi@China Walls, Kolohe@Lanai Lookout, RW02@Mokuleia, RIP&Ka'ena@Ka'ena Point, Pohaku@Guard Rails, Holokai&Right Spot@Turtle Bay, Rocky@Fort DeRussy, Aukai@Moku Nui

Kainoa (RN04) & my usual U/M were the only Rabbit Island residents today. The UM began at 1BS, Kainoa at 3BS. Kainoa would enter the water and haul out to join the U/M. Both would enter the water, and haul out again together at 3BS. They remained the rest of the day.

 At 1128 Gayle called with the report of Kaiwi (RK96) tucked well into the Naupaka at China Walls. 

At 1400 I found Kolohe (RW22) at the Lanai Lookout Flats.

 Lesley call at 0730 with the report of an over nighted , and molting RW02 at yesterday’s location, at Mokuleia.

 Marilyn would also check on him as she headed for her Ka’ena Point trek. Marilyn was flying solo on the Ka’ena Point trek today. In addition to RW02, she found RIP (RR70) & little brother Ka’ena (RO40) together on the back beach at Ka’ena Point. RIP has begun his molt.

 Brandi called to advise that there was a report of an U/U at Fort DeRussy, at 0946. Brandi confirmed that it was Rocky (RH58). She and Karen Rohter had been playing Auntie today. Rocky was still there at Brandi’s 1700 check in. A check of Instagram brought a few shots of Rocky’s day at the beach. Thanks to Masami Kurosawa, Eri Nishi & Koa Beach Services. Karen Rohter also provided a shot.

 On the same Instagram check I found a shot from KailuaKayaks, of Aukai (RL12) on Moku Nui today.

 Team Billand called at 1008 with Pohaku (RO28) at Maili Guard Rails.

 At 1042 Diane Gabriel checked in with the report of Right Spot (R016) appropriately enough at Right Spot’s Spot, Turtle Bay. Thomas Sperandeo had sent a photo earlier. Diga also advised that Karen Turner was with Holokai (RG40) at the Keiki Pool . Thank you Karen for the shots.

 UM and Kainoa
Ka'ena looking a little chubby
 Rip and Ka'ena
 RW02 starting his molt
 Pohaku at Guard Rail on 10/31  (not 10/13)
 Right Spot
 Aukai on the Mokes
 Rocky at Fort Derussy


b said...

Those arent the pics of Pohaku at Maili Guard Rails sent in yesterday. Those came another time...perhaps at Campbells. Ooops.

Thanks to Melina for the call of her location. We went to check on her later afternoon and she was still there. She was moving into a larger water hole.

I was grateful to see her again and ok.

Donna said...

Sorry about that..... I pulled the photos from 10/13 darn it I had the right numbers just in the wrong order.... oy! Thanks Barb for keeping me honest.... ALL IS UPDATED to correct photos.