Thursday, October 15, 2015

10/15/2015 DB's Dailies: Aukai,Kainoa&U/M@Rabbit Island, Kolohe@Lanai Lookout, Rocky@Kaimana Beach, Pohaku@Nanakuli Beach Park, RIP@Maili Point, U'ilani&RL42@Makua Cliffs

At 0658 I found what would prove to be Aukai (RL12) snoozin’ in the Morning Glory, 30 ft right of 1BS.

 At 0921 she would be joined by Kainoa (RN04) and the U/M. All 3 would remain the rest of the day.

At 1031 I found Kolohe (RW22) on the Lanai Lookout Flats.

 At 0657 Team Billand checked in with the report of Pohaku (RO28) at Nanakuli Beach Park. She would depart at 1320. Mahalos to Debbie, Sarah& Melina for being there for her.

 At 1250 the Billands reported RIP (RR70) at Maili Point. At 1500 they found RL42 and U’ilani (RN36) together at Makua Cliffs.

 A 1510 Karen Rohter email made me aware, that Rocky (RH58) had been at Kaimana all day & apparently had overnighted. I had heard nothing, from any source, until Karen’s mail. Karen’s camera wasn’t working so hopefully somebody will have taken some shots of her molt status, but ?????

 UM, Aukai, and Kainoa
 kolohe at Lanai Lookout
 Pohaku at Nanakuli Beach
 Rip at Maili Point

 U'ilani and RL42

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Madhatter said...

Wondering where Makaiwi has been. Hope she comes to Oahu for a visit soon.