Friday, October 16, 2015

10/16/2015 DB's Dailies: Kea&U/M@Rabbit Island, Kolohe@Lanai Lookout, Rocky@Kaimana Beach, Pohaku@Nanakuli, U'ilani@Maili Guard Rails, IP@Maili Point, Ka'ena&Luana@Ka'ena Point, RL42&RW02@Makua Cliffs, Holokai@Turtle Bay

On my 1st look at Rabbit Island I found the same U/M I’ve been struggling with of late. Once again there was nothing visible allowing me to make a call.

 A 1142 Kea (RN46) hauled out 50 ft right of 1BS. After scaling the beach front cut, he galumphed over to join the U/M for the day.

 Gayle called at 1147 with 1147 with the report of Kolohe (RW22), once again at the Lanai Lookout Flats.

 Team Billand reported Pohaku (RO28) at Puka Pants Beach, Nanakuli, at 0656. They reported Pohaku in the water at 1632, but she is hanging around in the shallows.

 DanaMail at 0659 brought word that Karen Bryan had reported seeing Rocky (RH58) foraging off shore of Kaimana Beach, on her way to work at the Aquarium. Karen Rohter would check in at 0732 to advise that there was no Rocky visible. Posse member Christian Young would check in later at 0914 confirming that Rocky was not a Kaimana, and then the checked from OCC to the Wall, again reporting zero.

 At 1032 Team Billand reported U’ilani (RN36) at Maili Guard Rails. RIP (RR70) was their next find at Maili Point, at 1045.

 Lesley M., called at 1155 to advise that Ka’ena (RO40) & Luana (RN58) at the Main Pool, Ka’ena Point.

 At 1404 Team Billand reported RL42 at Makua Cliffs.

 At 1417 with the report of an U/M at Makua Cliffs. Upon viewing her shots Barbara confirmed the RW02 ID.

 TammyMail at 1425 brought excellent shots of Holokai (RG40) at Turtle Bay today.

 The Ocean Safety , Kaimana call came at 1634. Dana notified. Awaiting further word.

 UM and Kea
 Holokai Pilates
 all pau

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