Sunday, October 18, 2015

10/18/2015 DB's Dailies: Kainoa@Rabbit Island, U/U@Turtle Bay, RI37@Hauula, U/U@Moku Nui, Rocky@Rock Piles & Kaimana Beach

The first order of business was to check the Sandy Beach outfall, at 0530. Kea was gone. I picked up the stuff, and continued the adventure.

 On my first Rabbit Island look I found what would prove to be Kainoa (RSN04) just hauling out fronting 1BS. When I got back at 0803 he was barely visible in Morning Glory, but later moved down, allowing the ID. He was once again the only RI resident today.

 Karen Rohter, in Waikiki for a running event , called at 0600 to advise that there was nobody at Kaimana. Her after event , call at 0740 brought the same news. Thank You Karen ! That would not be the last word on Rocky. While attending Mark Sullivan’s talk on the importance of social media in Monk Seal work, volunteered as an example , an Instagram report of Rocky at Rock Piles, in Waikiki, right now. What ???? That is how I got the word. Diga whispered that Colleen was going. A bit later Colleen arrived at the Hanauma Bay talk and reported that Rocky had departed just before she arrived, but a beach goer gave her shots, which confirm that it was, in fact, a fully molted Rocky (RH58).

 As we were departing the talk, Colleen advised that her “Spidey Sense” told her that she would hear from Rocky again. Sure enough a 1638 ColleenTxt advise that Kaimana lifeguards had reported an animal at Kaimana Beach. Colleen was on the way. Colleen confirmed that remained at dark.

 At 0930 a DanaTxt advised that Jon Gelman had reported a lone animal at Right Spot’s Spot, Turtle Bay. Awaiting further word.

 Also there was a report of an animal in Hauula. Karen Turner responded and confirmed that it was RI37. Dotty & Sue were going to keep a eye on her.

 Lastly, there was a report from Tony Querubin of an animal on Moku Nui. His drone shots show an animal, but no ID is possible.

 Kainoa on Rabbit Island
 Rocky at Rock Piles.... 
Aerial view of Moku Nui
 I'll post the video 
RI37 hanging out in Hauula

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