Friday, October 23, 2015

10/23/2015 DB's Dailies:Kea&Kainoa@Rabbit Island, DB , Rocky@Kaimana , Brandi Apana,

It was the 2nd trip to Makai Pier before I found a cast. At 0854 I found what would prove to be Kea (RN46) & Kainoa (RN04) play together having just hauled out to right Middle Cliff. They would remain there the rest of the day.

 Brandi called at 0821 with word of Rocky (RH58) at Kaimana Beach. She had apparently arrived around 2200 last night. Prior to that Brandi had called at 2020 with word that Rocky had hauled out once again at Fort DeRussy, however when Karen Rohter arrived Rocky was gone. According to Brandi, Rocky departed at 1100. It was a short reprieve however. Ocean Safety called at 1819 advising that she was back at Kaimana. The Hotline was notified

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