Monday, October 19, 2015

10/19/2015 Day 2 Unknown Hanging Out on Moku Nui

A morning text mentioned an animal out on the mokes again...... Today being Monday the kayak tours were on.... I checked in with Kailua Sailboards around 1:00 and they did see the animal but didn't have any photos at that time..... late in the after one of the guides came by and showed me these shots....  ( I forward them off to DB and PIFSC) ,.... unfortunately the angle doesn't give us much to go on... but maybe the seal whisper might catch something or at the very least have a hunch.

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Anonymous said...

Because of distance and a light shake & bake sand coating, an ID is difficult. Upon enlarging the shots I think I'm seeing Right Spot's signature "jigsaw puzzle" notch on her right hind flipper, but ???? DB