Monday, March 9, 2015

3/9/2015 DB's Dailies: U/U,Kainoa,RM38@RI, Kea@BH, Rocky@KK, Benny@OCC&Kaimana, Haupu@KoOlina, Pohaku@PC

My first look at Rabbit Island was a bust, but when I got back at 1000 I found what would prove to be an U/U snuggled up to the log, 40 ft left of 1BS. The animal just never gave me anything to work with.

 On a pan at 1155 I found what I initially thought was Kea, however it would turn out to be Kaiwi (RN04). The hint that I was wrong about the Kea ID came at 1620 when I found Kea (RN46) at the Blowhole Cove.

 On a pan at 1236 I found what would prove to be RM38 , 80 ft right of 3BS on RI.

 At 1336 posse membert Lauray called to say that a seal had popped up next to her as she swam in Waikiki, and then she observed it haul out to Outrigger Canoe Club. She also advised that it had a transmitter on it’s back. I got a text off to Colleen and she immediately responded. At 1410 she called to advise that it was Benny (RE74) , and she had him cordoned off. It looks like the boy might be on another circle island tour. A Colleen text at 11640 advised that Benny had relocated a few flipper flaps to Kaimana Beach.

 At 1540 Linda N., called with the report of Rocky (RH58) at Kokee Flats. When I arrived at 1602 I confirmed the Rocky ID.

 At 0710 Team Billand reported Haupu (RB24), logging in Lagoon#4, KoOlina. At 0856 they got a report of Pohaku (RO28) at Paradise Cove. They confirmed the ID at 0911.

 I found DanaMail at 1350 advising of an animal in Kaaawa. Awaiting further info.

 As is often the case, the Billands are working late. Check the blog in the morning for their day.

Benyy at the outrigger
 Kea and his white glove 
 Rocky at Kokee Flats

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