Monday, March 23, 2015

3/23/2015 Honey Girl Tells La'akea to Back Off

Aloha good people

This series of pictures sent in from Carola from being up at the pup site today.... She said La'akea came around and Honey Girl wasn't having it... she wouldn't let her haul out....  apparently this went on for about 30 minutes.....  in the end Momma Honey Girl gets La'akea to back off .... In the meantime little PO1 doesn't know what's going on and looks like she's ready to check out rather than backing away.

The photos were taken with an iPhone so the clarity is limited.... but you can still get the gist of what is going on.

 you can see PO1 left side laying next to the rock
 looks like the little one is going in
 oh geesh Mom and big sister are really creating a big splash
 and the kid is in the water
 not sure who is in or out of the water but the kid is next to whoever is in the water
stay tuned to more PO1 adventures :-)


Rikki Goble said...

After hearing the stories of pup sites past with Honey Girl and knowing that La'akea hauls out nearby pretty frequently, I wondered when it would happen. Thanks for sharing the images, Carola!

Tony said...

Was there a good ID on the other seal? Seems a bit bigger than La Ľakea.