Thursday, March 19, 2015

3/18/2015 The Official Announcement Haupu RB24 Passes Away

Aloha Dedicated Volunteers, 

As you know Haupu was brought in for assessment and rehabilitation on Monday afternoon. We are all deeply saddened to report today that Haupu passed awayyesterday afternoon. A necropsy was performed last night late into the evening. At present, we don't have a definitive cause of death and we will need to wait for the ancillary diagnostics and histopathology before we can make any firm conclusions. RB24 was in robust condition but was clearly ill. We did not see any signs of obvious trauma. There were abnormalities in multiple tissues and there was abundant free fluid in the abdomen, but again we need to wait for lab results to help interpret these abnormalities. 

We appreciate everyone's time and effort in monitoring her, especially over the last few weeks and we will continue to update you as we gain new information.

David Schofield

T. David Schofield, MSc
Marine Mammal Health and Response Program Manager

NMFS/PIRO/Protected Resources Division
1845 Wasp Blvd., Building 176
Honolulu, HI 96818

Aloha Good People  - We are all saddened by this news..... and I am sure many of you can appreciate how difficult this must be for Team Billand after spending endless hours watching over her at the lagoon.  I asked Barbara to send me some photos' of Haupu that she had in her share with all of you and give you an opportunity to express your thoughts.  

It is ALWAYS difficult to lose one of our beloved monk seals..... and often times we may feel like giving up, but in the end it's so important to stay strong, keep focused and continue to do all the work you do .... it's needed and appreciated.  


May 2nd 2013 when Team Billand first met her at Nimitz Cove
 January 28th 2015 at Nimitz
 January 2nd at White Plains with Rip
 January 15th at White Plains


madhatter said...

Haupa wanted to be with her pups, her heart was broken.😥 I feel that every Monk Seal should have the send off like Sharkbite's ceremony, but just opened to those that knew her and that she was special to.

RIP sweet Haupu.

Mary Jo Kaszubinski said...

I am saddened to read of the loss of beautiful Haupu. We are in Texas and travelling to our next home and my heart is so with all of you in Hawaii. She was my first seal love in the Ko Olina Lagoons and I always felt especially close to her. My she RIP Aloha Haupu <3

b said...

Hi Mary Jo,

Miss you. Wish you were back.

Sorry to report on Haupu 's Passing. None of us are happy about it. She was such a pretty girl, very sweet.

It was even sadder to lose her second son on Mar 5. She had her first son on July 18, 2014. That one was full term, but didnt survive for some reason. Heart breaking.

Havent heard any more reports on WHY SHE DIED. SHe was so sick for a long time, and we could see her going down day by day.

Email ME and I'll send ya some pics of her.

Miss you girl, you take care and blessings to you and hubby .

Flipper hugs, B