Tuesday, March 3, 2015

3/3/2015 DB's Dailies: Kaiwi,Kainoa&RM38@RI, Rocky@Kaimana Bch,Colleen H & Karen R, Haupu@KoOlina, Nihoa@Maipalaoa Canal, Team Billand

At 0735 I found what would prove to be Kaiwi (RK96) snuggled up to the log, 40 ft left of 1BS on RI.

 When I got back at 0910 she was still there and now had RM38 down on the beach, below her location. She would later move down to join him and both remained until I had to call the game on account of rain at 1400.

 On a routine pan at 1113 I found Kainoa (RN04)newly arrived to the water front rocks at Left Greenery, on RI.

 At 0809 Team Billand reported getting call about an animal lolling in Lagoon#3, KoOlina. When they arrived at 0825 they confirmed the Haupu (RB24). She would depart at 0910. All the other lagoons were check but nothing was found. At 1309 Dana advised them of an animal at L#2. At 1417 they once again confirmed the Haupu ID. Lagoon users are looking at Haupu as if she were a pool toy, and think nothing of snorkeling right with her. It’s a most difficult situation for the volunteers out there.

 A DanaTxt at 0952 advised that Rocky (RH58) was at Kaimana Beach. Info from Karen Rohter brought the news that Rocky had apparently arrived around 2000 last night. Mahalos to Karen & Colleen.

 Posse member Linda N., called at 1134 to advise that she had spoken with a visitor at the Aquarium who told her that they had seen “T10" at Turtle Bay yesterday. There was no other info available. T10 is , of course, one of R5AY’s many Turtle Bay daughters. Ua had last been reported on 1-27-15. 

At 1655 the Billands found Nihoa (R912) at the Maipalaoa Canal.

 Rocky at Diamond Head

 hmmm wonder where Buster ran off too
 RM38 and Kaiwi

 Haupu .... geesh she's really liking this area
 Must have given these guys a minor heart attack
 R912 Nihoa


b said...

People are not having a heart attack, They are in Haupu's Face daily, swimming along side of her, with camera's and gro pros.

I feel so badly for our critically endangered, PROTECTED Hawaiian Monk Seal who is PREGNANT and looking for a place to LAND. But folks run over to her as soon as she comes close to earth. SO SAD. So HAUPU FLOATS and FLOATS, resting on the ropes, sleeping on the bouys. THEY DONT LEAVE HER ALONE. PARENTS bring children to her, up close and personal. Shame on them all. How sad when a monk seal can not haul out AT ALL.

When does it ever stop????????

We try so hard to protect Haupu daily...its not easy to do. We educated every single day, FOR WHAT?

Haupu, nor any monk seal are not toys to be played with.

Haupu needs to haul out, cant these visitors give her some space to do that?

That swimmer, constantly swam with Haupu and poor Haupu tried to get away from him. He kept following her...so sad..to watch all of this going down.

Poor seals, they are targets, toys for all ...

Thanks to Warren, Miss BJ, to Linda Song for the help.

And to Miss Jean...thanks for all the help in locating our poor Haupu yesterday. You just missed the comotion...she did try to land just AFTER YOU LEFT...around 12:30 they tell us. We also LEFT after spending another four hours with her.

And then we got called back at 1pm. but by time we got back, people already ran her off. Sad huh????

Hang in there Haupu, I hope you can carry this pup full term ...prayers to you sweet female from Kauai. I am so sorry, we are trying so hard to keep you...SAFE.

BJ Heck said...

This situation at KoOlina is getting out of hand. These swimmers were not graced by her presence. They were harassing her. The Aloha Team came out but I don't think they will offer the opportunity to snorkel out to enforce these swimmers to comply with the Law. The swimmers were pursuing her and in that she was extremely agitated. This logging has gone on for a month or so and I fear that more monitoring by "the professionals" should be done to ensure she is healthy carrying her pup. I think everyone fears that she will miscarry another pup. Risk assessment of this situation is extremely needed.

KITV News displayed a video of Haupu while a snorkeler filmed. This is clearly sending the wrong message to the public. In fact, I think it encourages visitors to go to KoOlina to see the Seals and get your own personal video. I think the news can be very irresponsible about what it releases. I think it would be more newsworthy at how these videos are being taken and why individuals are swimming in areas where they know the monk seals are swimming. If you look at the pictures the Billands have shared, you will see clearly that the same swimmer(s) are in pictures over and over again. Not accidental. Purposefully executed.

Thank goodness for Team Billand! Their heart and energy and education in very valuable!

Melanie said...

I volunteer to paddle out in a kayak and harpoon the offenders.

Donna said...

BJ... I agree i think we're getting to a point where it's just a matter of time that something bad is going to happen. I do hope somebody does something soon.

Your concern is appreciated and welcomed. Mahalo.... and yes thank you Team Billand.

ummm Melanie behave yourself :-) LOL

Melanie said...

I have a strong arm, my aim is true, and I'm a big fan of Queequeg. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Queequeg)

BJ Heck said...

Tragic loss for Haupu. Human contact should have been kept out of the equation concerning the death of the pup on 3-5. I understand Haupu is still displaying the same behavior again today...Has anyone professionally gone out to assess the situation yet?