Wednesday, March 25, 2015

3/25/2015 DB's Dailies: R5AY&Ola@TB, Pohaku@PC, Nihoa@Maipalaoa, Team Billand, R330,RL42,RW02&Luana@KP, Mark Sullivan

A Nobody/Nowhere day is a rarity. Two such days in a row is nearly unheard of, nevertheless that is exactly today’s situation. Both Gayle and I putting in many a mile afoot and awheel, but Zero is all we have to show for it, out this way, in the SE quadrant.

 Team Billand went to check out Mom & Pup today, but checked in at 1035 to advise that they had received word from Dana, about Nihoa (R912) at the Maipalaoa Canal.  The Billands advised that she was till there at 1600.

At DanaTxt at 1202 brought word that Warren was responding to the report of an U/U at Paradise Cove. It would turn out to be Pohaku (RO28) 

Mark, Mike, Keelan & Sarah were out on a bleaching mission to Ka’ena Point. They found 4 animals. The saw R330 & RL42, and got an N62 bleach on RW02, and an N58 bleach on Luana (RN58).

 Ola loa peeking over Mom 
 out like a light
 big yawn... or calling out for some chow
 Luana at Ka'ena Point 
RN58 Luana 
 RW02 N62

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