Monday, March 23, 2015

3/23/2015 DB's Dailies: Kea,RM38&U/F@RI, Kaiwi@TLB, La'akea@TB

On the road at 0630 (its getting light earlier), but it would be 0733 before I found my first cast member. Surprisingly, it was Kea (RN46), snoozin’ at Left Greenery, Rabbit Island. We had left him at dark last night with Buster. He would move down and up a few times during the day, and was still there when I departed Makai Pier.

 At 1033 on a routine pan I found RM38) at Seal Rock Inlet . He too remained the rest of the day.

 At 1104 yesterday’s U/F hauled out to Right Middle Cliff, on RI. She appears to be an adult sized animal with 2 red tags, and a mottled chest. At end of day she still remains an unknown.

 At 1451 we went to Hanauma Bay, and Marilyn did the Toilet Bowl trek. She was rewarded with a Kaiwi (RK96) find (plus 2 bad guys who departed after she gave them TLB 101).

 Mahalos to Missus Whisperer & Gayle for trekking the SE quadrant.

 Team Billand had a zero day, but at 1230 ,called to advise that a niece had called to say that she saw “N31" (La’akea , RK82) hauling out at Turtle Bay.

 In the Yesterday’s News department, posse member Ken Tingman found R330 (Squinty)&RK36 on his late in the day, Ka’ena Point trek.

 Kea amongst the birdies 
 I wouldn't mind sailing by 
 Kaiwi at Toilet Bowl
 she's looking beautiful
 R330 aka squinty
 heading for the high ground!

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