Tuesday, March 24, 2015

3/24/2014 And They Shall Call Her Ola Loa

So it has been decided by committee of volunteers that PO1 will be named Ola Loa meaning long life.  To quote Auntie Diga "  People have been speculating on a name for the pup, as they do. After a year of too many monk seal deaths and disappearances a name was decided on that will hopefully be prophetic. The name is Ola loa, which mean "Long life". This is what the volunteers hope for her and for all of the monk seals. She may end up being called Ola for short, which is fine because it means "life". 
 Hello Ola loa
 swimming like a pro
 and the fiesty behavior is in full force


madhatter said...

love the name for the new pup!

hawaiiko said...

Love the name Ola Loa. May she be blessed with a long, healthy life.