Sunday, March 1, 2015

3/1/2015 DB's Dailies: Kaiwi@RI, Aukai@SC, Haupu@KoOlina, Nihoa@GR, Benny&U'ilani@Maili Point

Pickin’s were kinda’ sparse on this blustery, North wind, overcast day. Marilyn & Melanie were out there on the job. Much Mahalos to both.

 At 0800 I found what would prove to be Kaiwi (RK96), 50 ft right of 3BS on Rabbit Island. I would not actually confirm the ID until I looked at the shots.

 At 1313 Melanie called with the report of an animal foraging at Spitting Cave. It had not been there on Marilyn’s earlier check. Melanie saw at least one red tag but was unsure of an ID. The animal was run off by a dive tour boat at 1402. Awaiting shots to hopefully make an ID. Melanie pulled of a miracle in actually getting an L12 tag shot. It was Aukai (RL12). Ya’ Done.... Great !!

 At 0928 Team Billand checked in with the report of Haupu (RB24) lolling in one of the openings in the seawall at L#4 KoOlina. She would depart at 1213 due to a snorkeler trying to swim with her. Also a special shout out to Jason from Mililani. The Billands had noted cargo net hooked on the seawall rocks at another entrance. Jason went out and removed it ! Mahalo Jason....Ya’ Done Good !!!

 At 1347 the Billands found Nihoa (R912) at Maili Guard Rails.

 At 1414 they reported Benny (RE74) and another animal, 40 ft away, at Maili Point. To our shock & awe they reported at 1458 that it was U’ilani (RN36),our little Reef Runway girl, by her N37 tag. This marks her first sighting at Maili Point.

 Aukai at Spitting Cave
 Kaiwi at Rabbit Island 
Haupu at KoOlina 
Jason and net 
 thank you Jason!

 this made me laugh ... can you imagine snorkling and looking to left and seeing this GIANT pregnant monk seal swimming along side of you.
Benny and U'ilani at Maili Point
 There she is .... U'ilani on her first "known" adventure
 we know her brother Kekoa makes his way around it was just a matter of time she was spotted
Nihoa 912 at Guard Rails

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