Wednesday, March 4, 2015

3/4/2015 Team Billand - Haupu and Pohaku

Another day with Haupu swimming about in the lagoon at KoOlina... and swimmers NOT keeping their distance.... so up to this point I had been hopeful that people were just in the lagoon when Haupu arrived and they got to experience an unexpected event.... but based on feedback and input from people out there this is not the case.  I fear this is an accident waiting to happen.... I hope there is something that can be done sometime soon.
 oh look !!!  a sealette... growing up so fast !
 Pohaku looking very large .... it's going to be a good pup year! 

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b said...

today was better, maybe cause it was a colder day, not so many snorklers.

But those that came out for a bit, did get right up to her once again.

Miss Haupu just continues her FLOATING and hanging at the buoys. She lifts the ropes and places her head under the ropes, resting. then at times, she rests on the ropes, daily.

She is a fat girl, and I worry for her. At first terrified of the ropes, but now I see, that she uses it to rest on. Still, today we never witnessed her hauling out again. How can she just FLOAT?

She almost landed again today, but then by 3:30pm she just DISAPPEARED. We hung out till 4pm and then it began to rain, so we left. STOPPED LOOKING AROUND FOR HER.

Tomorrow...we shall try keep folks from bugging her.

God keep her safe.