Tuesday, March 24, 2015

3/24/2015 DB's Dailies: Nihoa@Maipalaoa, Pohaku@Maili Pt, Team Billand, R5AY&Ola loa@TB, Diane Gabriel Makaiwi@Big Island, Dan Lopez, 3-24-15, RL42&Ka'ena@ Ka'ena Point, Vicki Hangai

It was one of those thankfully rare , Nobody/Nowhere days in the SE quadrant. Multiple passes thru the quadrant by both Gayle and myself proved fruitless.

 Even given the lack of critters there was still a highlight to the day. I mentioned yesterday that new posse member Vicki Hangai had emailed about her find of RL42 and an UU just a little bit beyond the Waianae side Ka’ena Pt trail head on 3-22-15. We met at today at Blowhole. She was bearing 3 gifts. A COSTCO Hot Dog & Soda, and COSTCO prints fresh from the printer, showing a definite RL42 in the company of Ka’ena (RO40). As I said yesterday... Thanks Vicki... Ya’ Done Good !!! (I Love COSTCO Hot Dogs !!)

 Thanks to the computer prowess of Missus W, we got Vicki’s shots scanned in.

 At 0704 Team Billand reported Nihoa (R912) at the Maipalaoa Canal.

 At 1238 they found Pohaku (RO28) at Maili Point.

 Diga shots arrived late in the afternoon, from her shifts with R5AY&PO1. So far everything I’ve heard from all sources seems to indicate that this Mom&Pup relationship is pretty much on par with all her relationships with the other children. I’ve received word that volunteers putting their blood , sweat & tears into this pupping event, have come up with the name “Ola loa” for this pup. It means “Long Life”, and considering all the bad news from last year, and this one so far, it seem appropriate that this little girl might provide sorely needed hope for the future. Hopefully, all individuals who have worked long and hard, will agree that the name is perfect, on so many levels. The folks at Ola’s should be stoked !

The Billands forwarded shots from one of their posse members,  Surfer Dan Lopez, who sent photos of Makaiwi (R4DF) at Pine Trees, Kona, Big Island today. Ain’t posses great !!

 Maka'iwi on big island
 Nihoa R912 
 Pohaku at Maili Point
This is right up there as one of the sweetest pics.... RL42 and Ka'ena.


madhatter said...

Happy to see Maka'iwi, I have been wondering where she was. Still have hope for Kermit, Irma and M&M!

hawaiiko said...

Great news that Makaiwi has been seen! I've been so concerned about her. This gives me some hope for the others on the missing list.