Sunday, March 1, 2015

2/28/2015 Day 3 PO1 and Honey Girl

Thank you Vera as usual amazing photos.... the wee one kicking back and relaxing with mom
 i'm hungry
 love you mom


madhatter said...

Love the pictures, how is Honey Girl doing she looks extra tired but maybe it's because she looks like she will molt soon, and the green color around her eyes.
I hope she is ok.
When I first started following this blog was the time that Honey Girl had that hook in her mouth and I read that everyone was out looking for her. Then they found her, just in time I remember that picture of her when they found her so sad. But she is doing great now. That is the time when I became a follower of the blog and have seen some happy and sad times.The volunteers are so generous to give their time everyday to protect the Monk Seals. My favorite pose is when they lay on their back flippers out to the side.😊

Diga said...

She seems very strong this year and up for the task. :) Diane