Thursday, March 19, 2015

3/18/2015 Team Billand

AMAZING PICTURE of this little porky !!  Wow 

Mother and daughter love 
 Mom you got something stuck in your tooth
 It's right there..... 
 ummm MOM I was just trying to help
 Lunch time !
 Rip @ Maili Point
 Rocky at Ewa Beach 


madhatter said...

I would like to say a special prayer for the Billand's
I can't even imagine how hard this is for you.

The beautiful pictures of Haupa was nice to see.
RIP beautiful Haupu

It is great to see Honey Girl and her pup, wonder what she did I to make mom so mad at her.
The picture of both of them with their heads on each other's is is so awesome they are both
Smiling .

barbara said...

I tell you MADHATTER, I really appreciate your KIND WORDS and PRAYERS.

After seeing Haupu lose her pup on March 5th in Lagoom 4, I wanted to just walk away from everything, IT HURT SO MUCH. And to see Haupu just hanging around, Lagoon 4, just so tragic.

But we awoke the next morning, went out to KoOlina, saw folks at her IN THE WATER, and we knew our job had to continue of PROTECTING HAUPU. SO we just kept going, NOT EASY. I cried alot.

Then next 12 days was so hard to keep folks out of her face while she FLOATED in each Lagoon. Security was helpful..even tourists became our posse..yelling at folks...LEAVE HER ALONE.

When she was in Lanikohonua, Rob and I blocked the entrance on both sides. This was her last peaceful rest..FLOATING all day long, making a few attempts to land, but NEVER LANDED.

We saw Auntie blessing her family and thought, maybe if we ask, she could also bless HAUPU. We saw how much weaker she was getting. I told Auntie, PLEASE I think HAUPU NEEDS YOUR PRAYERS and BLESSINGS. Auntie was so kind to do was LOVELY.

The next morning, we rushed out to Lani's, but Haupu disappeared. The tide was high that night and she must have floated out.

Mark Found her, from NOAA, we rushed out there, hoping the TEAM could rescue her. BUT..folks were in her face once again, even worse than ever. And Haupu never fought back, she just floated, with snorklers . I was furious, how dare they do that to her. WE began yelling at snorklers, PLEASE, GET AWAY, GIVE HER SPACE, SHE IS DYING. SHE IS SICK, SHE LOST HER PUP..PLEASE LEAVE HER BE.

She then moved to the Honolulu End of the lagoon after being bothered by the snorklers.

WE ran to the other end with the ropes and signs. Got there, people were next to her, WE yelled GET BACK, SHE NEEDS HELP, LEAVE HER ALONE. WE HAVE A TEAM TO RESCUE HER.

I never saw a rescue from WATER. THE TEAM MADE ONE ATTEMPT, IT FAILED. HAUPU just floated away, but not too far. She then Floated back in to the zone, the team went out, laying low IN THE WATER. IT was super amazing to watch each individual so intently watching out for Haupu. Haupu got really close to CHAD Y. She just floated near him, facing him. Everyone so still with the fence pen IN THE WATER.

And then Chad directed the team to close in on Haupu, who really didnt fight, just floated looking.

The team caught her GENTLY, closing the circle with the pen and Haupu in the middle. She was then gently moved to the shore, where she barked..that was it. She couldnt move her body to fight anyone. It was so sad, so sad to see her, so vulnerable, so weak.

We then waited for the vet to arrive..Haupu just layed there. Once in a while she would bark at us. That was it.

Vet got there, made an assesment to take her to the Ford Island Facility.

She was slightly rolled into the bag, and each person gently carried her to the cage. She did NOTHING. She knew, SHE NEEDED HELP.

She was then put in the cage, put on the awaiting truck. It was over, she was blocked off by the crowding boards..I heard her make one last bark..THE CAPTURE was over.

WE watched Haupu, being driven off, it hurt so bad. The workers from KoOlina came to me and Robert, hugged us. It was such a heartful..gesture. We hoped she could be saved. They asked us to keep them informed of her progress.

It was shocking to read she had DIED. I cried all night..too bad, that awesome female from Kauai, didnt make it. She was now going to join her two sons...sad.

To all that helped, god bless you for trying so hard with us.

To the team, thanks for getting her that day..I dont think she would have survived that night at all. It was good you got her then. She could have drowned, and no one would have known. SO god bless each and everyone of you.

So long Miss Haupu, you will be missed. We tried so hard..we tried so hard. Dam it!!!!!!

madhatter said...

Barbara, Thank you for explaining Haupu's last days, I was following along on the blog hoping she was alright.
But Monk Seals have feelings you can see in their expressions,like Honey Girl and her pup.
Haupu's heart was broken after losing another pup.
It would of been great if she would have made it.
But she isn't hurting anymore.
I think that is so awesome the way the team from NOAA was able to get her so gently. I would love to be a part of that team. But it's true the seals need you to help them out and be their voice. You guys are the best!