Thursday, March 12, 2015

3/12/2015 DB's Dailies: Kaiwi@SC,LLC&BF, Haupu@PC, Nihoa@Maipalaoa, Right Spot & R5AY&PO1@TB, RV06&Pup,Molokai

It was one of those rare zero days at Rabbit Island today.

 At 0956 Gayle called with the report of an U/U doing 12 minute dives at Spitting Cave. Awaiting photos.

 At 1055 Diane Terai called with the report of “N72" at the Lanai Lookout cove. When I arrived a 1110 I confirmed the Kaiwi (RK96) ID, and got the first look at Kaiwi’s new bleach. It appears to have taken just fine. Thank you Diane T. !!!!!

 A call from Bob Ubersax, as well as a MelTxt came at 1612 advising of an animal on Buster Flats, Lanai Lookout. The Kaiwi (RK96) ID was confirm when I got there at 1623. Thank guys....... Ya’ Done Good.........Again ! A MelTxt at 1747 advised that Kaiwi had just departed.

Team Billand checked in at 0700 advising that they had found Haupu (RB24) at Paradise Cove. She remained floating all day, coming within a few feet of the shoreline, but not hauling out. The Billands advised that Haupu departed to open water at 1702.

 A DanaTxt at 0926 advised of Right Spot (R016), once again fronting Ola’s, Turtle Bay Resort. 

Melanie called at 1319 to advise that she was with Right Spot, and that Rikki was on her shift with R5AY&PO1.

 Photos were forwarded of an U/U on the reef in Laie. Unfortunately, no ID was possible.

 Team Billand reported Nihoa (R912) at Maipalaoa Canal at 1808.

 Diane Pike checked in from the wilds of Molokai to advise that RV06 had provided them with the first Kalaupapa pup of the year !!!
Kaiwi at Lanai Lookout

 Kaiwi at Spitting Cave 
Haupu at Paradise Cove 
 she's going to be mighty green when she finally hauls out
 actually a really good idea.... should have some made officially
 Nihoa R912
 she went for the big slurpy
 PO1 and R5AY at Turtle Bay
 Molokai's first pup of the season .... and Main Island's number two
 another face of cuteness
Back to turtle bay.... PO1 
 PO1 and R5AY Honey Girl
 Great Pic Melanie!
 Right Spot at Turtle Bay

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Melanie said...

Mad props to TB staffer Danny who gave Tammy a ride out to the site and gave me a ride back to the parking lot, saving me the adventure of lurching through the woods back to the car. TB staff is very interested in and supportive of the seals. The guests have been respectful of nature and wildlife.