Saturday, March 28, 2015

3/27/2015 Melanie Braves the North Shore Traffic

She took the long way around
 Well worth the trip Ola loa and momma
 Ola giving Mom a flipper slap
 they were out for a swim ( for about an hour )
 sing a song..... sing it loud
 Benny hanging out.... he's a character for sure ! 
looking all innocent... not!
 oh my... baby pig on the beach path.... hope momma doesn't come around


b said...

I enjoyed your photos Melanie, nice job.

Terrible TRAFFIC HUH???

Wow the PUP...Ola Loa Is HUGE..amazing we just saw her couple of days ago..SHE LOOKS TOUGH!! Well, females need to be TOUGH out there.

BENNY!!!!! There you are you DOG. We were wondering where the heck you were.

Should have known, Benny has a way of finding CHICKS, that calendar of his, AMAZING. Its like he goes, "HMMM, CHICKS on the AVAILABLE LIST...hmmmm..Oh R5AY..just about ready to DATE me."

Ta Daaaaa!! There she is my little scrumptious HONEYGIRL!!! All set to take off??? Have SOME....FUN???


Any ways, just wanted to say, thanks, I enjoyed your day with R5AY through your eyes.

Rikki Goble said...

WOW! It hasn't even been a week since I've seen her in person and she's nearly doubled in girth! I can't wait until I make it out there again!