Tuesday, August 6, 2013

8-6-2013 Tuesday at Reef Runway

Aloha good people,
I honestly thought I was going to get skunked today.... upon arrival there wasn't any sign of a seal near or far. I decided to walk the beach towards Diamond Head. It was a picture perfect day.... and was able to tell myself if there weren't any seals, well at least I got to walk this beautiful beach.

When I returned to the birthing beach I could see a chunky bump on the shore line and sure enough it was U'ilani ..... as I was getting closer I saw a second seal swimming in and thought Wow! Kekoa is here too.... but this seal didn't haul out and paused near her then went to the far right, back to the left towards me.... I couldn't see that good only that this seal was an adult.... so I nixed the idea of Kekoa. Unless DB can ID the photos it will be an Unknown/Unidentified .... my guess a male in cruise mode.

In the meantime little weaner girl was amusing herself by burying her head in the sand.... I've seen them do this on the beach but never at the shore break.

Cruising on by
 Chubby weaner
 Her entire nose is buried.... 
 beautiful day in the neighborhood
 Some how on her own she still amuses herself

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