Wednesday, August 28, 2013

8-28-2013 DB's Dailies: Kea@AD, Benny&Right Spot@SB, RK36&Ewa Girl & 3 UU@RI, RW02@KP

At 0545 I found Kea (RN46) swimming in the cove just east of the rock flats 100 yds east of the AD wall. During the course of the morning he would swim to the flats 200 yds east of the wall, and then briefly, 20 yds more east of that. Ultimately he would swim back to his starting point and haul out for a snooze on his favorite rock at 0855.
At 0752 Tati called with the report of 2 animals at Sandy Beach. When I arrived at 0803 I found Benny (RE74) in the company of Right Spot (R016). Obviously she has weaned her Molokai pup and is now back on Oahu. They departed at 1639.
At 1025 I found RK36 at the left end of Rabbit Island, and 3 U/Us only partially visible from the Makapuu Overview only. I was never able to ID any of them though 2 were probably juveniles, and the other I have no clue.
When I returned to Makai Pier at 1425 I also found Ewa Girl (RS00) partially visible at Left Middle Cliff.
Team Billand reported Pohaku (RO28) at Nanakuli at 1420.
At 1400 Lesley reported RW02 at Ka’ena Point.
Check the blog in the morning for the Billand’s day.
At 1456 the Billands reported M&M at Kalaeloa Campgrounds.
At 1622 the Billands called to advise that lifeguard Koa reported RIP (with the Critter Cam) and a small female behind the Waianae Fire Station. He will send the Billands photos.

Check the blog in the morning for the Billand’s day.

Benny and Right Spot...
 Isn't it unusual to see Right Spot here in the south east side?  She's usually further north. 
 Chubby Kea climbing the rocks
 whew  made it
 RW02 at Ka'ena Point 
 had the whole place to himself... no people and no other seals
 well of course, except for Lesley who took the photos 

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Diga said...

I remember a few years or so ago, Right Spot stayed at Sandy's for many weeks, more than a month, and did her molt there. Now what female seal has Benny not been see with. I think he's going for a record! Diane