Tuesday, August 6, 2013

8-6-2013 DB's Dailies:Irma&Kea@AD(D#33), Pohaku@PC, M&M,Benny@KCG, RW02@KP

At 0600 we found Irma&Kea (R010)(D#33), snoozin’ on the west rock flats within the SPZ. They began a feed at 0626, which was in progress when I departed at 0700 .
At 1244 Vikki called to report that Irma&Kea were now out of the SPZ to the west. When I arrived she and Karen Rohter had a partial , temporary cordon up, and we finished that. Then it was time for new fence building. Vikki, Nick, Karen & myself broke down portions of the old SPZ and erected at new one. Irma&Kea are now 150 ft from the AD wall, and totally visible from the parking area. They did another feed while fence building was going on and did another at 1720. The log showed 4 additional feeds through the day, and the swim that brought them to their new location was the only swimming activity.
Team Billand called at 0646 with the report of Pohaku (RO28) at Paradise Cove. I added Ko'olina Diane's shots at the bottom of this post.... she got some showing the crowds of tourist they were dealing with.
At 0933 they reported M&M (R020) at Kalaeloa Campgrounds. Dana would call at 1425 to advise of an U/U arrival at that location. The Billands would confirm the Benny (RE74) ID at 1504.
Donna called at 1250 to advise that she had found U’ilani (RN36) and an U/U player to be named later at the Reef Runway. The U/U will have to remain just that. The shots just doesn't provide enough info for an ID.  

Email from posse member Kimo Smith brought news that he had found RW02 on his trek to the end of the world at Ka’ena Point.

Irma and Kea
 MM and Benny
Looks like folks stayed behind the SPZ

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