Tuesday, August 13, 2013

8-13-13 Extras.... Ewa Girl at Reef Runway and Jason O'Rourke captures Kea's Day

Today out at the runway I was only in the company of the Grand Dame Ewa Girl.... she rested quietly the entire time while I searched the shoreline and looked out over the water to see if there was any sign of Kekoa and/or U'ilani.... But in the end it would only be Ewa Girl and me.
 faded N2
 Hmmm last week I got a pic of Uilani burying her head in the sand too..
 such a peaceful morning sitting with a great lady
 I came home to an email from Jason O'Rourke who said he felt the need to photograph Irma and Kea since Irma would most likely be heading off soon..... I think you all agree we have some great photos from several of you folks and I soooo appreciate your sharing them with all of us.  
 Irma for sure needing a good meal
 There's the little while flipper
 Amazing the changes in such a short time
 Well Kea can hold his weight agaist the shore break!!!

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