Monday, August 26, 2013

8-26-2013 DB's Dailies:Kea@AD, Irma&Benny@AD, Duke&RK36@RI, Pohaku&Kolohe@Secrets, M&M@KCG, RL42@KP, Haupu@Maili Beach Park

At 0600 we found Kea (RN46) in his channel at the flats 100yds east of the wall. At 0845 he would galumph out onto the high tide flats for a forage. At 0903 he moved back into the cove to the east of the flats, and at 0910 hauled out to his usual resting spot, and hit the snooze button . Lesley called at 1600 to advise that the kid had slept away two consecutive shifts and was still snoozin’ at 1600.
At 0732 one of the dog walker posse stopped to advise that he’d just seen 2 seals at the point, at the nearest estuary. When I got there at 0752 I found Irma (R010) & Benny (RE74). Lesley reported they were still there at 1600.

At 1100 I found Duke (RA12)& (RK36) to the left of 1BS, and a 90% molted Ewa Girl at Left Middle Cliff, on Rabbit Island.
At 0640 the Billands found Pohaku (R028) and Kolohe (RW22) at Secrets.
Cianna called at 0810 with the report of an U/U at Chun’s Reef. No further word.
At 0900 Team Billand reported M&M (R020) at Kalaeloa Campgrounds.
At 0944 Cianna called with the report of an U/U seen swimming in Honolulu Harbor , under and around Pier#40. No further word.
Team Billand called at 1240 with the report of RL42 at the 20 minute mark on the Waianae side Ka’ena Pt trail.
Ocean Safety called at 1404 to advise of an animal at Green Lanterns, Maili Beach Park. The Billands confirmed the Haupu (RB24) ID at 1407.

I have to take Marilyn to the airport this evening so I’m sending out the dailies a bit early. Check the blog in the morning for the Billand’s shots.

 Irma and Benny at Alan Davis Point  
 Kea ... your momma is just around the corner

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