Friday, August 16, 2013

8-16-2013 DB's Dailies: Irma&Kea@AD&Irmas, Nani&Duke@RI, Kaiwi@BF, RIP&Kolohe@Maili Pt, Pohaku@PC, M&M@KCG

At 0545 we found Irma&Kea (R010)(D#43), high on the beach, 15 ft from the AD Wall, and 15 ft from the upper SPZ fence. We put up a temporary cordon to keep people away from the fence, and removed it once they moved down. When we found them they were in snooze mode. From 0629 - 0724 they did a feed, then it was back to snooze mode, with Kea falling asleep on the tit. At 0827, with Kea in the lead they moved down and to the east to enter a tide pool, 40 ft east of the AD wall. They were still there when Gayle relieved me at 1000. Its been a long day. Marilyn called at 1510 to advise that Irma & Kea were in the water and well to the Irma’s side of the wall. I went down immediately, and at 1530 the hauled out to a spot 150 ft west of the AD wall. We put up a temporary cordon and about the time that was done with Kea in the lead the reentered the water. Only to haul out again, 30 ft from the wall. An attempted at putting up fencing simply didn’t work . We have an SPZ of sorts set up per NOAA direction and Irma& Kea are still there for the night.
At 1029 I found Nani (RK60) at Rocky Right Beach on Rabbit Island.
On a pan at 1057 I found Duke (RA12) on the far left end of the beach on Rabbit Island.
A Sandy Beach lifeguard called at 1214 to advise of an animal at the east end of SB. I was already on the way so when I arrived at 1217 I found Buster (RV08) waiting for me. I cordoned him off, and he has remained the rest of the day.

At 1236 I found Kaiwi (RK96), snoozin’ at Buster Flats.
Team Billand called at 0719 with the report of RIP (RR70)&Kolohe(RW22) at Maili Point. They would report RIP’s departure at 1343.
At 0753 they reported a molting Pohaku (RO28) at Paradise Cove.
At 0953 the Billands found M&M (R020) at Kalaeloa Campgrounds.

It's late and I've asked Team Billand to send their shots to Donna. Check the blog in the morning for their stuff.

 Irma and Kea 
 Interesting coloring.... the kid is still really dark in some spots... 

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