Saturday, August 24, 2013

An Expecting Momma

Aloha Good People

This afternoon I was honored to be in great company to celebrated our newest expecting Momma.... no it's not a seal, but our very own Dera Look. If you haven't heard yet, Dera is expected to pup sometime in December.... however she won't have all us volunteers to help watch over her little one.... because...
She and Larz are going to be moving to the Northwest.... I know I WILL MISS her dearly as will many of you .... 

Here's a couple of photos of the little celebration.... oh and DERA... you are loved.... by all of us.!!!!

 Let's hope her little one has less fur .... :-)


Alice said...

Congratulations Dera :)

barbara said...

To Dera, thanks for the million things you've done for the Hawaiian Monk Seals, for the whales, dolphins, WOW, no words can express our appreciation.

TO PUP: You are one lucky pup, to have Dera and Larz as your parents. Both will give you a life full of adventure, respect, love and fun times. They will guide you through the rough times, sad times and memorable times. you are one lucky kid.

Congratulations Dera!

What are we going to do without you?????? We are sad to see you leave, but happy you have a pup on the way.

Hugs to you, keep in touch, best wishes, you know we love ya.

B and R