Monday, August 19, 2013

8-19-2013 Team Billand

Mr. Benny certainly was in cruise mode today he hauled out at three different beaches and amazingly Team Billand captured him all three times!
Benny at Kalaeloa
 Benny at Paradise Cove
 Benny at White Plains
 MM and Benny at Kalaeloa 
 Look like MM is giving him the what for....
 Meantime Pohaku is going to pieces at paradise cove
 lo and behold look who shows up ,,,,, Benny!
 Poor thing needs to rest and get herself all pretty again

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Barbara said...

Yesterday,Benny was seen at Makaha Surfside, then he relocated, and we followed. He went to Lahilahi and was cruising, so we thought we would be smart, drive over to THE HAWAIIAN PRINCESS CONDOs and wait for his arrival. He never got there, he fooled us.

TODAY: He showed up with Pohaku at 9:06am..stayed just to annoy her, pass our signs, went under the ropes, to the rocks, thinking the rocks was a FEMALE SEAL..I guess, then he rolled off and passed Lani's.

1:55pm WE spot Benny coming to M and M 's site from west direction on the fly. He came up to her, they had words. M and M had just come in herself after a swim. She was at Kalaeloa for 19 days, then left at 11pm while we were observing her. We watched her far out to sea, getting a good clean up as she is MOLTING as well.

Benny left M and M site, heading towards Plains. Just then, lifeguards warned us BEACHES CLOSED DUE TO SHARK SIGHTING, A FIFTEN FOOTER..seen from a plane and Coast Guard notified.

Got to Plains, here comes Benny, hauled up at TOwer one. Stayed till 5:24pm, left after a rest, on to Kalaeloa again to meet M and M.

There they had words again, settled down. We left at 6:30pm and both Benny and M and M remained. incredible seal who is so ready to MOLT himself. WHo knows where the green machine will be TOMORROW.