Friday, August 9, 2013

8-9-2013 Birth Announcement and a New All Time High

We're excited to have R912 give birth this morning to a beautiful pup.... this makes pup number 4 for Oahu, BUT more exciting is we've had a record breaking 19 births this year on the main Hawaiian islands.... this is a first.  For all the people who put in endless hours both professionally and volunteering.... you should all feel good about this!  This is very good for our beloved monk seal population.... and now let the management nightmare begin (sorry couldn't resist).

 well hello world
okay we have a lot to learn you nurse with the other end.... your head goes next to mom
 HAAAA mini me.... they are in the same pose!

 kids already for a swim
A couple of shots from Tracy!!!!
 look at the size difference!!!

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Dana Jones said...

What a day, between the new pup and West Side dramas. Thank you volunteers for coming through and doing what you do best. Care for the HMS. YOU are all awesome and Mahalo.