Saturday, August 17, 2013

8-17-2013 We Have A WEANER! Irma has left the building!

Aloha Good People.... Well the good news is Big Momma Irma has weaned Kea ... the bad news is the real work begins watching over this weaner. If you are interested in signing up please contact Dana Jones at .  The following photos are of Irma and Kea all taken this morning just before Irma left and immediately after.  Enjoy.  Thank you to Kimo, Marilyn, DB and Jason for some great shots of our fat weaner Kea.
Mom and Pup last morning together
 last meal from mom
 final swim together
 NOAA crew relocating Kea further down the beach and away from trouble
 haaa that's one heavy baby boy!
 hmmm didn't seem to phase him at all still laying on the carrier
Jason got himself a new lense!   
 that is one round baby
 great shot
 Last shot before Irma dove under and left .

1 comment:

barbara said...

God bless you Kea...may your life be safe.

Thanks Irma, for creating a beautiful handsome Kea. He is magnificent...OK, IRMA? WHOSE THE DADDY?????? Who ever he is, he must have a lot of natural bleach in him too?????