Monday, August 19, 2013

8-19-2013: DB's Dailies: Kea@AD, Irma@KBP, Buster@SB, Pohaku@PC, M&M,Benny@KCG, Benny@WP, R5Ay@Laie

At 0600 we found Kea (RN46) lolling in the shallows, 200 ft east of the AD Wall. During the course of the day he would leisurely move to a point 400 ft east of the wall, and then back again, doing a lot of playing with bottom finds. He would pick up what appears to be Sea Cucumber goop on his whiskers, which remained the rest of the day. He would finally haul out for the first time today, near his morning starting point, 200 ft east of the wall, at 1430. I called Sean and he & Mark arrived to tag the boy at 1546. Vikki, who has been "the rock" or our volunteer army, at AD, who was on duty at the time got to choose the tag numbers, and Sean & Mark asked for her help with the tagging. As you can well imagine , she was Stoked !!!
At 0646 I found Irma (R010) once again at Kaupo Beach Park. Today she was on the off shore rocks, nearer the Makai Pier end of the beach park. She was gone with the rising tide at 1228.
Ocean Safety called at 1353 with the report of an animal just hauling out to Sandy Beach. When I arrived at 1359 I found Buster (RV08) waiting for me. I cordoned him off. Gayle called at 1718 to advise that Buster had departed.
At 0645 Team Billand reported Pohaku (RO28) continuing her molt at Paradise Cove.
At 0817 they would report M&M (R020) at Kalaeloa Campgrounds. She would go out for a forage from 1108. The Billands reported her back on the beach at 1323.
At 1408 the Billands reported Benny (RE74) at Tower #2 at White Plains. He would later relocate to join M&M at KCG, but was run off just a few minutes after arrival by a guy and his pit bull.

Email from Dera brought word and shots of R5AY in Laie today.

NOAA/PIFSC talking with volunteer of the day Vikki
 This process of restraining the seal is to both protect the seal and people from being hurt. This is being done by professionals and has been done time and time again under NOAA federal permit number 9321905
 Kea relaxing after getting his bling
then again???
 Buster at sandys - sorry but he looks like a giant slug
 Irma hiding among the rocks
R5AY in Laie


Dana said...

Thank you to Vikki and Nick for so much dedication. You catch buses and run all over the island when the call for help goes out. The love and seal love you have given was justly rewarded. Please come back to our Ohana as soon as you can.

barbara said...

Oh and the shot of the OTHER molting seal, is of M and M at Kalaeloa. After her swim, she got some more skin off...she is molting now around 20 % or more. we got Ewa Girl Molting at Reef. We got M and M molting at Kalaeloa, and .... Pohaku at Paradise Cove...MOLTING.

Now..soon any second...Benny will do his MOLTING...where...hopefully next to M and M so, we can keep track of the little bugga.

Diga said...

So glad your were able to participate in Kea's tagging, Vicki. What a great reward after a long day! You are a great volunteer and we will miss you. Diane

vikki sk said...

I am so grateful for all the opportunities to volunteer and learn about these amazing creatures. Monk Seals are so special. But to have been able to help tag this little pup was amazing. What a learning experience. I am so thankful for everyone who had taught me and especially DB who would see me early in the morning just so I could pick his brain and ask questions to better learn about the seals! I will return! ALOHA