Monday, August 5, 2013

8-5-2013 Team Billand with Pohaku and Kolohe

Thank you team Billand .... Here's Barb's account of the day with Pohaku and Kolohe:
Got to Paradise cove, no seals, check at Lani's, nothing. Got to Secrets, TADAAAAA!!!!  Kolohe and Pohaku snoozing away on shore. Signs were up, no ropes. I think the sigsn were left from last night...and we didnt get any calls on two seals here today.

My sister called, said a man told her, there were two seals at a we went to investigate.

The whole time we were out there, folks told us how the seal attacked them as they tried to get close and take a photo. That seal was protecting the other seal.  Oh my...good thing we went down, as there were over 150 people out there for the sunset. And no one left for a long time, so we didnt leave till 8pm.

Folks were still walking in the dark, we advised them...showed them where the seals were and not to go beyond the signs.  Good luck Kolohe and Pohaku.


All photos of Kolohe who was very busy protecting Pohaku, barking at people, he is one tuffy. GOOD FOR KOLOHE.

In one shot, as I was taking a photo, a kid was blowing bubbles and one came in my shot...he. he.  

Both seals remain on two.  I wonder if Pohaku will molt here at this spot...AGAIN...she did last year around July  24th...i think

 FANTASTIC !!!! very very cool!


barbara said...

NOPE, not July, it was Aug 3 when she began to molt at KoOlina, Secret Beach. I had to look it up to make sure.

So, I hope there are VOLUNTEERS who can gear up for the the molt that will soon start, PLEASE. Its going to be a longggggg molting session. 24 days last year I believe.

Thats IF she decides to molt at Secrets.

Karen Bryan said...

LOVE that bubble shot :-)