Sunday, January 8, 2017

1/8/2017 DB's Dailies: Buster,RM38, Kea,V21, 2J/M, 1 A/M, Rabbit Island, Kerby@Maili Point, RIP&Luana@20Min, Benny@Lahi Lahi, RL42,R3CU,Squinty&Ka'ena@Ka'ena Point, Nani@MCBH

It was a bumper crop at Rabbit Island, with a special guest visitor.

 When I arrived to Makai Pier at 0735 I found 2 animals up in the Morning Glory, 40 ft left of 1BS. The larger, old coat animal has been up there the last two days, but I was unable to get any info on him due to the horrible heat distortion caused by the cold North winds. Today however I finally had success. At 1138 the animal started down to the far left end of the beach. I first saw his left eye scar and then the 10% molt. It was Buster. He would later relocate to 1BS for the day.

 His Morning Glory mate would also move down and proved to be RM38.

 Just as Buster arrived at the water line, to cool off, he was met by a gang of 4 just hauling out together. Of the 4 I was only able to ID Kea (RN46) and the visitor, sporting a posterior V21 bleach. The other two were an A/M & a J/M that I was not able to ID.

 I’m awaiting word from Val on Kauai, and from Tracy, as to whom V21 might be. As the “V” suggests this is probably a Kauai animal. My very limited Kauai info says it might be an adult female, RK13(5AA/5AB). She was assigned the V21 bleach some years ago and I’m assuming she has retained that bleach. I was never able to see a belly on today’s animal.

 At 0940 Team Billand reported Kerby (RW08) at Maili Point.

 At 1220 Barbara found RIP (RR70) & Luana (RN58) together at the 20Min mark.

 Lusi & Anissa checked in via text to advise that Anissa had found Nani (RK60) at Ft. Hase Beach, MCBH.

 Barbara did the Ka’ena Point trek from the west side and met up with Leslie who had come in from the north side. Lesley called at 1400 to advise that they had found RL42, R3CU, Squinty (R330) & Ka’ena (RO40) at the End of the World.

 Once she returned to civilization Barbara called with the report of the Benny (RE74) at Lahi Lahi.

 Kea, v21 and RM38
 V21, AM, Kea, JM and Buster
 Pohaku at Ko Olina
 Rip and Luana
RL42, Squinty and R3CU

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