Monday, January 2, 2017

1/2/2017 DB's Dailies: 2 Swimming Heads @Makai Pier, RM38,Kolohe,Kekoa,J/M,Kea&Au@Rabbit Island, Benny@Secrets, Aukai@CIP,Kerby@Maili Point, Right Spot@MCBH

It was an interesting day in my little slice of the Monk Seal world today. I arrived at Makai Pier at 0730 to find a bare Rabbit Island, But things got interesting when one of my fisherman posse got me at 0827 to advise that there where two swimmers around the pier area. I sent an hour or so trying to get shots, and though I got a couple they were of little ID value except to say that one was small and one was a bit larger. Later arrivals at RI, provided possibles.

 When I finally got back to looking at Rabbit Island, I found an arrival fronting 1BS. I’m very happy to report that the mystery molter of the last 5 days, has turned out to be our ol’ pal, RM38. The patch on his dorsal posterior was gone , allowing me to see his left side, posterior NB, as well has his signature abscess on his dorsal posterior. He is 100% molted

 At 1040 Kolohe (RW22) would haul out to join RM38 at 1BS.

 On a pan at 1108 I found an A/U on the water front rocks of Rocky Right Beach. I never got enough for a ID. Adult size , a new coat and a fishing line scar right side of mouth is about all I can say.

 The two animals that hauled out to join RM38 & Kolohe at 1118, are in all probability the two MP swimmers, but of course, that is all circumstantial. They would prove to be Kekoa (RK72) and my usual J/M. Kolohe would move down to greet them and all three entered the water. When they hauled out again to the same location there were 4 animals. The guy proved to be Kea (RN46), newly back from his last sighting at the KP west side gate.

 A Team Billand text at 0637 brought Benny (RE74) news from Secrets.

 They saw foraging animal off shore of CIP in the morning. It would take some time, but Barbara & her amazing P900 managed to get an N12 bleach. It is Aukai (RL12).

 At 1251 they reported Kerby (RW08) at Maili Point.

 Anissa checked in a bit ago with word and shots of a 95% molted Right Spot at MCBH.

 Makai Pier 
 Bad Guys
 RM38 and Kolohe
 RM38, Kea, Kolohe, Kekoa and JM
Right Spot

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