Saturday, January 28, 2017

1/28/2017 DB's Dailies: Buster,J/M,Kea&Kainoa@Rabbit Island, Kawena@Kaupo Beach Park

When I arrived at Makai Pier at 0740 I found what would prove to be Buster (RV08) snoozin’ in the grass, 80 ft right of 3BS on Rabbit Island.

 A bit further to the right I found what would turn out to be the small J/M, also in the grass, behind Seal Rock Inlet. Both would later move down, and remained all day.

 I was checking Kaupo Beach Park every few minutes, and at 0901 it paid off. Kawena (RH36) hauled out , nearer the pump house than the memorial. The Hotline was notified, and HMMA responded. Unfortunately soon after her haul out Mr. Uke (strumming the whole time) discovered her and spent several minutes right on top of her. Sadly, I missed the shot of him throwing water on her, but did capture the billionth of second later when she reacted to it. Kawena would depart of her own volition at 1338.

 When I got back to paying attention to Rabbit Island, at 0941 I found that Kea (RN46) & Kainoa (RN04) had hauled out together, 50 ft left of 1BS on RI. As is his pattern, Kea has been on the road , 13 days, having last been seen, at RI, on 1-15-17.

 Team Billand reported RK36 at Maili at 0943. At 1028 they found Pohaku (RO28) at Lahi Lahi.

 At 1314 the Billands reported RW02 , Kekoa (RK72) & Kolohe (RW22) at Maili Point.

 Marilyn & Philomene did the End of the World from the west side today. Sadly, after all that trekkin’ , it was a 1 critter day. They found R3CU on the main beach.

 Kainoa and Kea
 Polka dot belly
RK36 and Kekoa 
 Sad to see this is a normal occurance.

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