Wednesday, January 11, 2017

1/11/2017 DB's Dailies: Buster,Kekoa,j/M,RM38,J/M&Kea@Rabbit Island, Kawena@Kaupo Beach Park, BG@10Min Beach, RW02@Hidden Beach, Squinty@Ka'ena Point, Tammy T., KC@Pyramid Rock, MCBH, Anissa, Nani@Ft Hase Beach, MCBH, Lusi Perry, Benny @ Secrets, Pohaku @ Paradise Cove, TeKa'ale & RIP @ Maili Point,am Billand,

When I arrived at Makai Pier at 0800 I found Buster (RV08) in his usual spot lately, left of the 1BS and high up. I’m sure he wasn’t looking for any company, but alas there where a J/M & Kekoa (RK72) up there with him. He was not a happy molter. They would move down to the left end, and later Buster would move down to join them. While there , yet another J/M hauled out to join the gang.

 At 0935 RM38 hauled out to the left end rock flats, away from the fray.

 Kea (RN46) would haul out fronting 1BS at 1018, and enjoyed the peace & quiet.

 I did Kaupo Beach Park looks every few minutes thru the morning, and sure enough on the 1010 check, therrrre was Kawena (RH36) just hauling out. I notified the Hotline, and HMMA personnel responded.

 A Team Billand text at 0550 advised that Pohaku (RO28) was at Paradise Cove.

 At 0618 came the next text reporting Benny (RE74) at Secrets. . They reported his departure at 0832.

At 1026 they found Ka’ale (RH32) at Maili Pt. RIP (RR70) would join him later.

 Tammy T was on it today, trekking to the End of the World, via the north side. She reported BG (R303) on the way in at 10Min Beach. At the point she found Squinty (R330). On her way out she came across RW02 at Hidden Beach.

 An afternoon text from Anissa brought shots of KC (RK28) at Pyramid Rock, MCBH.

 Lusi also checked in later afternoon with shots of Nani (RK60) at Ft. Hase Beach, MCBH.

 JM, JM, Buster and Kekoa 
 Kekoa, JM, JM and Buster
 Zen Benny
 Benny Trail

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