Tuesday, January 31, 2017

1/31/2017 DB's Dailies: Kainoa,Kea,R337,S/M/ J/M / Buster & Kawena@Rabbit Island, Benny@Pray For Sex, Kaiwi@Makalei BP, Kekoa&Kolohe@Maili Pt, RW34,RB18,RI05&R8HE, Big Island,

At 0800 I found 4 animals in a group, 50 ft right of 3BS on Rabbit Island. They would prove to be Kea (RN46), Kainoa(RN04), R337, yesterday’s animal with the left side CC scar, which today turned out to be a male. He also has a pinkish , healing CC wound on his mid body, ventral. Still no ID.

 At 0817 my old pal the small J/M hauled out to join them.

 At 1002 Kawena (RH36) hauled out 30 ft left of 1BS .

 At 1246 Buster (RV08) hauled out to join the gang. There was virtually no interaction. He just galumphed by them all and assumed his location on the high ground above the rest. The cast of 7 would remain all day.

 Team Billand reported Benny (RE74) at Pray For Sex at 0754. (hmmm girly magazines, wine, pray for sex... next he'll be lighting up a cigar)

 Colleen checked in at 0853, advising that she was with Kaiwi (RK96) at Makalei BP.

The Billand called again at 0900 to advise that Kekoa (RK72) at Maili Pt.

On their afternoon check at 1308 they reported that Kolohe (RW22) had arrived to join Kekoa.

 At 1022 the Billands found a foraging animal off shore of CIP. No ID was possible.

 The highlight of the day came when posse members, Team Turgeau, who are vacationing on the Big Island, texted that they had found 4 seals. They got in touch with Sylvester at Ke Kai Ola and reported their finds. They reported Waimanu (RK34) and her younger brother RB18. They also found RI05, who is an older brother to both. Lastly, they found R8HE whom you know well from her stay on the west side and her recovery from the nasty mobbing wound she arrived with. Tammy’s photos show great improvement in the look of her dorsal wound. In return for reporting their finds, Sylvester invited them to tour Ke Kai Ola. Thanks guys... Ya’ Done Good !!!!

 JM, R337, Kea Kainoa and Buster
 Kea SM Kainoa and R337 
 Kea SM and Kainoa
 happy to see her doing better
 oh my we been eating very well
 Ke Kai Ola

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