Sunday, January 1, 2017

1/1/2017 Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all.... Let's hope 2017 brings us good things.... 
It wouldn't be New Years on the blog without my mentioning my old friend Chester.
Today makes NINE years when I met my first monk seal.... 
Thank you Chester!  and to my life long friend as a result of this seal.... Aunty Sharon, I am grateful for the last nine years of a friend who has treated me like family.

To all the people I have met over the years.... thank you for all you do.... and I am honored to be a part of all the work we have accomplished in the last nine years.

IF anyone would like to share their experience upon meeting their first seal... email your story @ ... include a picture if you can.... I'll be happy to post your story.

Chester 2008 - Kailua Beach

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