Monday, January 30, 2017

1/30/2017 DB's Dailies: Buster,R337,Kainoa,Kawena&SU@Rabbit Island, Pohaku@Makaha Surfside Condos, Kolohe&Kekoa@Maili Pt, R5AY@Hauula,

Very poor day for Rabbit Island observation, but at least there was a cast. At 0754 I found Buster (RV08) in the grass 40 ft right of 1BS.

 At 0843 he would be joined by 2 new arrivals. The first was a large female with a V21 bleach. This would be R337. Her last (and only) visit to RI had been on 1-8-17. Since then she has been seen off and on only at Ka’ena Point. Her last sighting there was by Barbara on 1-25-17.

 In her company on the haul out was another animal that I was unable to ID, nor could I ever get a sex. I did see tags, and the only visible marker was a scar on the left side , posterior, which I have not been able to match in my files, so far.

 At 0919 Kawena (RH36) hauled out and galumphed up to the 1BS, and I mean right to the side, where she snoozed away the day.

 At 0941 Kainoa (RN04) arrived, and moved up to join the 3 animals right of 3BS.

 At 1445 Team Billand found Kolohe (RW22) & Kekoa (RK72) at Maili Point.

 At 1546 they reported Pohaku (RO28) at the Makaha Surfside Condos.

 Posse member Vicki Hangai was out for a drive with Mom & the dogs, and happened upon R5AY in Hauula today.

 Buster R337, U/U and Kainoa
R5AY - thank you Vicki !!
 Kolohe and Kekoa

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