Tuesday, January 10, 2017

1/10/2017 DB's Dailies: Buster,RM38,J/M,Kolohe,Kea,Kekoa,RK36&J/M@Rabbit Island, Benny@Secrets, Pohaku@Campbell Industrial Park, BG@10Min Bc, Ka'ale@Maili,

As has been the case of late, Rabbit Island was crawlin’ with critters again today. I arrived at 0738 to find Buster (RV08) up in the Morning Glory, left of 1BS, happily molting.

 The peace and tranquility came to an end at 0854 when a gang of six hauled out fronting 1BS. In order of their haul out it was RM38 in the lead, followed by the small J/M Unknown, Kolohe (RW22), Kea(RN46),Kekoa(RK72)&RK36. All but RK36 would follow RM38 up into the Morning Glory.They would eventually move down to the water at the left end of the island. RK36 remained at 1BS until his departure at 1056. I did not see him again today.

 As the gang was galumphing down to the left end, a 2nd J/M was just hauling out and joined the gang. In case you lost count that is a cast of 8.

 I’d been checking Kaupo Beach Park all day, with nary a sign of Kawena. Of course just as I had passed KBP I got a call from a posse member advising that there was a “baby seal” straight down from the memorial at the pier end of the beach park. When I arrived at 1353 I found Kawena (RH36) snoozin’ at the water line. I called the Hotline, and was advised that they had gotten a previous call and that HMMA was on the way.

 At 0610 Team Billand checked in with the report of the Benny (RE74) at Secrets. He would depart at 0909.

 At 1110 the Billands found Pohaku (RO28) snoozin’ in a comfy hole in the water front rocks at Campbell Industrial Park.

 Lesley called at 1318 with the report of BG (R303) at 10Min Beach on the north side KP trail.

 The Billands called at 1412 with the welcome news of finding Ka’ale (RH32) In Maili. His last sighting had come on 12-23-16 (by the Billands) at Lahi Lahi.

Buster, RM38, JM, Kolohe, Kea, Kekoa, & RK36
 Kea, Kolohe, Kekoa, JM RM38 and Buster
Benny at Secrets

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