Thursday, June 30, 2016

HMMA Update from June 29th

At 0737 a report was made about a seal at White Plains Beach. The seal was ID'ed as Rocky (RH58) by natural bleach mark and scars. Warren responded and stated the seal may have overnighted. At 1002 Warren checked in again reporting Rocky's departure. Diane checked in from the Mokuleia pup site at 1032 with a report of a boat that appeared to be run aground. Nihoa was observed vocalizing at the boat. There were no signs of people aboard the boat. A series of calls came in with the same report. Diane checked in again at 1046, a few men arrived and started to push the boat back into the water. Nihoa (R912) and pup were about 25-35 feet away from the boat while the men were working to get the boat off the shoreline. The men got the boat off shore quickly. By 1054 the boat was headed back out to sea. Nihoa and pup continued their day.

 Carola checked in via email after her late afternoon shift, She found Nihoa and pup snoozing in the center water side of SPZ. The pup was observed nursing and all appeared well.

 happy to know it all worked out... 
 Mom and pup resting peacefully
 you done good momma... 

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