Saturday, June 18, 2016

HMMA Update from June 17th

The morning began with a report of a seal at North Beach (MCBH) at 0540. At the time of the initial report and ID could not be made. At 0823 Anissa was able to ID the seal at Right Spot (R016). At 1210 a report came in of a seal at Lanai Lookout. An ID could not be made. No further word at this time. At 1810 a call came in from North Sector Manager Don reporting RW02 at the Mokuleia pup site. Carola sent in photos documenting RW02 approaching Nihoa (R912) and pup. Nihoa chased RW02 down the beach slightly but they all stayed within the SPZ.

R912, Pup and RW02

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