Monday, June 27, 2016

6/27/2016 DB's Dailies: Kaiwi&PO4@AD, Kala,Kekoa,RG32,Aukai&Kolohe@Rabbit Island, Rocky&Benny@ White Plains, Nihoa&PO3@Mokuleia

At 0530 we found Kaiwi&PO4 (RK96)(D#12) in their tide pool. They would haul out later for a feed and a snooze and then back into the tide pool again around 1045. They were still in the water when I departed at 1102. We noticed that 6 large pallets had mysteriously appeared overnight on the beach. I called DOCARE, and my pal JB, whose unenvious job is to try clean up AD, came at trucked the pallets away. I’m afraid this is the prelude to 4th of July party animals there.

 When I got to Makai Pier at 1212. The action was over, and there was nobody around. Tracy had called at 0845 to advise that she and other NOAA personnel were on Rabbit Island, but had not see Kala yet. In Tracy’s after action report at 1306, she did confirm Kekoa (RK72), RG32 & Aukai (RL12) right of 3BS. Kekoa would depart by himself, but Kolohe (RW22) arrived. They eventually found and tagged, W/F (Whew !!!) Kala and she got her new bling, RH76/77. They also vaccinated her and later Kolohe(RW22).

 At 1544 Team Billand reported an animal at the fence line, White Plains. At 1554 they confirmed the Rocky (RH58) ID.

 At 1631 they reported the brief arrival of a 2nd seal, who came looked and then continued in a westerly direction. At 1643 the confirmed the Benny (RE74) ID. The adoring hordes would not allow a haul out and he continued toward the west.

 Diane Gabriel sent shots from her day with Nihoa&PO3 today. Thank you Diane !!

 Lastly, A Happy 1st Birthday to Holokai (RG40)!

 Kaiwi and PO4 
 such a long stretch
 Happy 1st Birthday Holokai
 Little weaner Kala got her bling
 Kala RH76/77
Nihoa and PO3
 there there little one
 going for the wave
 okay changed my mind ... i'm leaving

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