Saturday, June 11, 2016

6/10/2016 DB's Dailies: Kaiwi@AD, Kolohe@Lanai Lookout, Nihoa&Pup, Tammy&Dave T., Diane Gabriel, Mokuleia

Marilyn did the 0530 AD check while I did the rest of the quadrant. Neither of us found anybody.

 At 0722 Kaiwi (RK96) hauled out 300 ft east of the AD Wall. Just as I was digging the last hole, she departed. She did a partial haul out again about 650 ft east of the wall, but reentered the water again only to haul out a few minutes later 600 ft east of the wall. After she had settled down and appeared to be happy, I began digging holes again. That SPZ worked fine until Gayle called at 1310 to advise that she had departed. Down came the SPZ. Melanie called at 1415 with word that Kaiwi had hauled out again back to her morning spot, 300 ft east of the wall. Marilyn and I went down and we erected a new SPZ. Thanks to Gina,Karen R., Melanie&Gayle, and of course Marilyn .

 I didn’t spend much time at Makai Pier today. I never saw anybody at Rabbit Island, but I’m reasonably sure that the Weaner was hangin’ in the shallows amongst the left end rocks.

 Cianna called at 1155 with a Hotline report of an animal at Lanai Lookout. When I arrived at 1236 I found Kolohe (RW22), with the usual numbers of adoring hordes.

 Tammy & Dave T., finished up the North Shore staycation by stopping by Mokuleia to spend some quality time with Nihoa(R912)&Pup. Thanks for the shots guys !

Last but not least, another birthday. Kekoa (RK72) becomes a man today, turning 5 y.o.

 Diane Gabriel sent a short video from a stint with Nihoa&Pup at Mokuleia today.

Kolohe at Lanai lookout
 Happy Birthday Kekoa!!
more Kaiwi - thank you Melanie
 she's not listening and heading over to Rabbit island.

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