Wednesday, June 22, 2016

6/22/2016 DB's Dailies: Kaiwi&PO4@AD, Kekoa&Kala@Rabbit Island, Ka'ena&RIP@Ka'ena Point, Nihoa&PO3@Mokuleia

Kaiwi&PO4 (D#7) were snoozin’ upon arrival at 0530. They would move down and into their tide pool at 0751. The tide was going down and it was mostly peaceful, but several rogue waves washed them pretty good. The pup was getting worked but Kaiwi kept the kid in the pool. They were still in when Anissa&Hallee relieved me.

 Gina & Katie on the 4-7 shift had some excitement. The large new south swell, and a high, high tide combined to take Kaiwi&PO4 closer to the west side fencing that ever before, so they and Tony used the free standing Mom&Pup signs to establish a new boundary so as to keep people a bit further back. As it turned out Kaiwi&Pup turned more back toward the middle of the SPZ and because of the very high water, they moved up into the vegetation and off of the beach. Kaiwi is now happily hidden in the Naupaka she so dearly loves, and something tells me the pup might pick up the habit. Much Mahalos to the above mentioned Anissa & Hallee, as well as Gayle, Gina, Katie, Tony & Marilyn. 

The cast at Rabbit Island today consisted of Kekoa (RK72) & Kala.

 Tammy & Dave T., did the End of the World trek today. They reported Ka’ena (RO40) and RIP (RR70) at Ka’ena Point. That would have been more than enough for any day, but the also managed to stop by and see Nihoa&PO3, and then even went to AD to see Kaiwi&PO4. Outstanding guys, Thanks !

 I’ve had no other reports from any quadrants today.

 Kaiwi and PO4 early in the day 
 It will be interesting if the little is like Kaiwi hanging out in the Napaka
 Kekoa and Kala weaner kid who should be getting some bling hopefully soon
Nihoa and PO3
 Kaiwi and PO4 - Tammy and Dave certainly covered a lot of miles today... but how cool to see two different pups in one day!   Life is good!

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